• Jacob Tillman

OFFLINE SERVICES - PRESS START - directed by Yuhan Cui

This film is currently in the final phase of post production and I had a blast collaborating with Yuhan on this one. With about 200 various VFX shots it was all about organization and communication between departments that helped us get this one done on time and budget. Coming Summer 2019!!

Remote Setup for PRESS START


We choose to go with Avid for this project as the director had already started the rough edit beforehand. I was able to communicate remotely with her and then we got together for the final notes/review and finish. The offline was completed in 1080p DNx36 HD and we will be finishing at 2K ProRes XQ 444 anamorphic.

Update 10-12-19


We have completed the final output and have some High Res Stills for you to check out! Excited to check this one out on the big screen! There were a lot of moving parts but the end result was flawless. Thank you Kelsey for the collaboration opportunity!

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